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  • BindInitOption structure

    Contains information about the data to be stored by the SavePluginData function to initialize the ListenSession.


    typedef struct BindInitOption{
    char *name;
    char *data;
    int len;
    int flags;
    } BindInitOption;


    The name paramter identifies a MultiColumnList initialized by the SetControlPanelOptions. The data parameter should hold a pointer to a list or have enough space to receive a pointer to a list. See the Remark section for more information.
    GetPluginData should not make a copy of the list if it doesn't exist in the memory space of the Listensession or ClientSession. Setting this flag will cause the function GetPluginData to return the same pointer that exists in the ListenSession (from where the ClientSession was created) or ProtocolSession. This means that all changes made to the list will also have effect on the ListenSession or ProtocolSession from where the pointer originaly came from. This flag should be combinated with the GDPD_IS_LIST flag.
    The data should be saved in memory only, set this flag will cause the SavePluginData function not to store the data on disk. This flag has no effect on the function GetPluginData.
    The name paramter is not a pointer to a null-terminated string but an integer to identify the data.
    The data, identified by name, should be deleted for the selected session. This will not delete the identified data for other sessions, nor will it delete the default data set by SetControlPanelOptions. This flag has no effect on the function GetPluginData.


    Minimum supported API 1.00
    Header tvsserver_base.h