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  • GetCopyOfInternalProtocolStructures function

    The GetCopyOfInternalProtocolStructures function will create a copy of the internal protocol structures and returns the first structure in the linked list.


    InternalProtocolStructure* __stdcall GetCopyOfInternalProtocolStructures(
    __in ProtocolSession psess


    psess [in]

    Return value

    On succes a pointer to a copy to the first structure in the linked list of internal protocol structures. You should free this structure with function ReleaseCopyOfInternalProtocolStructures when done using it.


    Register a ProtocolIsLoaded function by calling RegisterProtocolLoadedCallbackFunction to get an acknowledgement when there is a new protocol loaded. This could give your program the time to refresh the InternalProtocolStructure structure.

    The protocol needs to set the flag PT_CONTROLPANEL with the function SetProtocolInformation to be able to execute this function.


    Should be exported by -
    Minimum supported API 1.00
    Header tvsserver_base.h