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  • FormatDateTime32 function

    The FormatDateTime function will create an longlong from the input day, month, year, hours, minutes and seconds.


    int __stdcall FormatDateTime32(
    __in int year,
    __in int month,
    __in int day,
    __in int hour,
    __in int minutes,
    __in int seconds,
    __out long long *retval


    year [in]month [in]day [in]hour [in]minutes [in]seconds [in]retval [out]

    Return value

    If no error occurs the function returns True (one). If the function fails it will return False (zero).


    Use this function for the 32bit applications, use FormatDateTime for 64bit applications.


    Should be exported by -
    Minimum supported API 1.00
    Header tvsserver_base.h