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    Released december 2022

    In short: Unicode
    Every function from this version will always work in UTF-8 mode. Internally TV's server works with UTF-8, UTF-16 and ANSI. In previous versions TV's server could only work in ANSI mode and accepted UTF-16 communication from the plugins to some degree. This howver was documented as 'Unicode' and not as 'UTF-16', probally why nobody was using this feature. All the flags that the developer could use to switch between ASCII and Unicode are removed.
    The switches -r, -n, -d, -l and -o can now be used with TV's server.
    Log functionality
    It is now possible to log the status, error(s) and warning(s) in one combined log. If the user uses the switch -l, these message will be saved in an output file.

    HTTP protocol
    HTTP plugin