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    index About TV's server
    TV's server is a platform for network services. It's completely written in Assembly (x86 and x64) and because of that it is small in size with great performance. The source can be downloaded and edited for free. Network service can be added through a plug-in system that can be written in the programming language Assembly and C. Examples of a plug-in with source can be downloaded. By default TV's server is supplied with the TCP/IP and HTTP protocol and a control panel plug-in.

    Older version
    There is an older version (v2) still somewhere on the internet. This is a completly different project. Still nice to look in to, but I wouldn't recomment using it because of the bugs and unexpected crashes!

    The goal of the rewrite was to: Command line
    TV's server can run as a service and can run as an user-process. The behavior depends on the command line and if the service is installed or not:
    Development status
    This project will never finish. I still would love to add more protocols, expand current protocols and add new features but time is an issue here and I have none. If you would like to help me (for instanse to create TLS, or the HTTP 2.0 protocol) you are welcome and I would love to hear where you publish this. If any I'll make time to fix bugs, so if you find any, please report them to me.